Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Shock As One Million Youths Unemployed

The current generation face a miserable xmas and a bleak new year. Unemployment us up, inflation is up, education grants are cut  and student loans tripled while inflation soars. Cuts are hitting those least able to cope. Civil servants face more cuts include; health workers, teachers, police,  even border agency staff.

Many people who voted Tory or LD have said this is  not what they voted for.

Time for a change.

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howard thomas said...

I wouldn't have described this news as a shock, more like a national disgrace !
I think the problems facing the UK on this issue are many. They range from poor education , and bad attitude from some that make them 'unemployable' to the daft policy of allowing immigration to continue at absudly high levels so that the jobs market is vastly oversubscribed. Couple this to the fact that it is far too easy to 'not bother' to work and we have a recipe for a continuing diaster for a long time to come.