Friday, 11 November 2011

CBI Support FIT

Green groups have neen protesting the halving if the solar renewables subsidy feed in tariff. Now the CBI has also said how it damages buisneses investing in the future.

The local government association has similarly stated councils will loose millions canceling schemes for solar roofs.

Friends if the earth are mounting a legal challenge, good luck to them  

News yesterday was that worldwide fossil fuel gets 8 times the subsidy of renewablea. Time to invest in future generations, health,  education, jobs in renewables. time for a change.


howard thomas said...

RBC are not cancelling their plans as they are saying that schemes for community,commercial and social housing buildings are unaffected, and therefore are pressing forward.
That doesn't seem to fit with your quote! any ideas ?

Adrian Windisch said...

Not sure what you mean Howard. Schemes built before a cut off date in Dec will get the subsidy. Its planned future schemes that will be cancelled.

howard thomas said...

I'm only repeating what RBC said in an e-mail this week. I haven't done any checking , but so far as RBC are concerned nothing has changed in this area. This was from the 'sustainability team' working on RBC's solar project. I would like to think that they know what they are talking about but .........

howard thomas said...

Update on previous comment.
I attended an RBC workshop yesterday and I can confirm that they are pressing ahead as quickly as possible to install all they can by the end of March.