Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Once upon a time Cameron supported feed-in tariffs

The government announced how it was reducing the support it gives to the solar industry through Feed in Tariffs. Greenpeace are reminding people that once Cameron wanted to convince people how Green he was by supporting this, now its cut in half.

The Tories are still blaming everything they do on the last Government. But the financial disaster we are in is as much the Tories fault as anyones, back in his day Cameron was praising Brown as an 'awesome' chancellor, they hope we have forgotten this. They didnt act as oposition should have but instead Cameron described his rival as “awesome” and “a figure of colossal power and intellect”.

We are all in this together, some are more 'in' than others.

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howard thomas said...

Once upon a time David cCmeron gave a 'cast iron' guarantee of a referendum on Europe !

Anyone spot the connection ?