Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Go Figure

Tories were in revolt over Europe fearing its increasing powers.

But are very keen for Greece to do what they are told by the Europe. In a democracy it's always legitimate to turn to the people,, why not have a vote on this.

Its easy to ask others to undergo austerity measures, much harder to apply it to your own country.

And if were not for Greece we would be talking about Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The Euro is unstable, it will continue from crisis to crisis, kinder to disband it now.

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howard thomas said...

After Greece has gone bust as I suspect is bound to happen then the rest of the PIGS will be next under the spotlight. The problem throughout is that governments have prospered by creating debt so that they can look good and do stuff in the short term leaving the eventual mess for somebody else at some other time in the future.
Gordon Brown was a classic example . Providing the economy grew he could justify borrowing more money , even though times were 'good'.
The problem came when things went wrong and the cupboard was bare.
And then there was the hidden borrowing that was PFI. Thats a classic example of 'jam today' and leaving future generations to pay off the debts !
Who knows where this financial crisis will end and who or what will be the casualties, but one things for sure, it ain't going to be pretty.