Sunday, 16 October 2011

Reading Borough Council's home insulation rate lags behind national average

Reading is below average for insulating its homes according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change. Green candidate Jamie Whitham is calling for a concerted effort to improve the situation and reduce energy bills for the residents.

Out of a total of just over 65,000 homes in the town, the Council has so far managed to insulate a total of only 5,443 homes in the space of three years, equating to a homes treated measure of just 6.9%. The national average is a homes treated measure of 10%.

Elsewhere councils have match-funded the Energy Saving Trust's scheme. These include Kirklees in Yorkshire, where every house was offered the option of free loft and cavity wall insulation. This initiative was led by Green Councillor, Andrew Cooper, which has put the town at the top of the league table nationally. This work has given Kirklees a homes treated measure of 24.8% showing what is possible.

Green candidate for Park Ward Jamie Whitham said: "Proper insulation can save households around £100 per year, combat fuel poverty, and reduce our carbon emissions. We have already suggested that the Council could use the profits from the solar panel scheme to fund more energy-saving measures. It is time that the Labour administration in Reading started prioritising this area."


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