Saturday, 15 October 2011

Camerons Weak Leadership

As is often the case, when a minister resigns his friends are saying what a fine job he did. I dare say they think they are being loyal but is their any truth in it?

Lets look back at a few highlights as his term as defence minister.
The following were a disgrace, made us an international joke.
British troops on front line in Afghanistan told they face the sack

Defence cuts 'to leave aircraft carriers without any planes'

While cuts are made everywhere else, the nuclear weapons are seemingly sacred, despite the cold war being over for decades. SO we have nukes we dont need but no harriers for carriers. Not joined up thinking.

Cameron says he is impressed with Liam Fox's record as defence secretay, but I am not. He said "A weak leader is someone who jumps at it because of some artificial deadline. Let's get the facts established, and then we'll make a decision." So he must be a weak leader then.

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