Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riots Round London

Green Mayoral candidate and member of the Metropolitan Police Authority,
Jenny Jones, has reacted to last night's riots in Tottenham by calling
for swift action to restore vital youth services and a review of
communications failures between the police and the community.

Jenny Jones said:

"We urgently need to examine all the factors that led to last night's
events in Tottenham, a community suffering from one of the highest
deprivation levels in the country [1], and take appropriate action to
prevent repercussions.

"We need a full investigation into the shooting of local man Mark Duggan
which seems to have been the trigger for last night's riots, and an
urgent review of stop and search and what communications failures there
were between the police and Tottenham's community. Violence and looting,
and smashing up your own streets is not the answer. It's bad for the
old, the poor, and those who run the small businesses people rely on.

"The Government must take some of blame for what went wrong last night.
Cuts to local services, especially youth services [2], played a role in
fomenting tensions in the area. With one of the highest unemployment
rates in London, Tottenham urgently needs help. Emergency funds to stop
youth centre closures and a review of policing must now be a priority."

Notes to editors

[1] Residents in Haringey claiming Job Seekers Allowance rose for the
fourth consecutive month in February to 10,159, according to the Office
for National Statistics. The figures show eight per cent of the adult
population of Tottenham are on the dole, a fifth of which is

[2] The Government reduced the local youth services budget by 75% after
a cut of £41m to Haringey council's overall budget.

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howard thomas said...

I'm afraid that this sort of stuff simply creates the excuse for those that choose to partake in riotous activity

Adrian Windisch said...

Whats your solution then Howard? Ignore the underlying issues and fire water cannons at everyone as the tabloids suggest perhaps

DocRichard said...

Howard, looking at the causes of social unrest is not the same as excusing criminal behaviour.

howard thomas said...

I suggest that those convicted of offences in these copy cat riots should be sentenced to 2 years national service. Problem?

The causes of social unrest....how interesting! Perhaps the fact that many of the participants in these riots have grown up knowing that the authorities can do next to nothing to control them and consequently they can do virtually as they wish might have something to do with it. That can't be cured overnight , even supposing that we had any sort of leadership in governmant that could see the problem. I wonder if Dave is still 'hugging hoodies' ?