Monday, 8 August 2011

Crisis, What Crisis

Weeks after two senior policemen resign due to suspicion of corruption, while the usa and euripean economy slumps, London riots and our leaders go on  holiday

We are not all in this together. Those most in need suffer, charities are struggling, prices rise and there are few jobs around. Much of the media will be saying blame social media, youths or looters  and ignore the crisis.


howard thomas said...

Lets be fair...our leaders ARE on holiday. I hear that Boris is on his way back tonight, though I struggle to see what he will be able to do when he gets back.

Adrian Windisch said...

I dont expect much from Boris, or indeed Clegg, Cameron or Osbourne. But sometimes the middle managers need kickstarting to get things moving. It may mean authorising spending some money on police overtime, or putting someone else in charge of communicating what is happening.