Saturday, 20 August 2011

Condem Violence

Stop the war coalition have an interesting view in  the riots. Cameron and his ilk are quick to condemn violence in the uk while causing it in other countries. Better to be against all violence and seek a peaceful solution. Understanding the causes is not always such a quick process, many people will need to ne heard, not just those calling for water cannon and a return to national servicr or doubling the prisons

Some me thuggery is more worthy of condemnation than others . Don 't hold your breath waiting for David Cameron to express outrage over the " sickening violence " of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or the bombing of Libya .

Update, Green Party says Brisish society is not sick


howard thomas said...

Not all of British society is sick, but some of it is most certainly are not very well !

Adrian Windisch said...

And angry at all the broken promises from Cameron and Clegg. And poorer thanks to their policies. And questioning why the politicians and bankers keep getting away with their dodgy deals....