Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Zero Carbon Britain Day Saturday July 16th

July 16th - What are you doing on Zero Carbon Britain day? There are important discussions to be having about how we can rapidly decarbonise and Zero Carbon Britain Day on July 16th is intended to be a day we can focus on the issues.

There are, in fact, a lot of things we can do to reduce our emissions. A list of what you can do is too long for this post but I would suggest insulating your house, unplug things that arent needed, cut flying. Get a more efficient car, boiler, light bulbs, fridge etc. Use a shower not a bath, uses less water and less energy to warm the water. Choose local food and services Eat more vegetables, and be more choosy about meat, chicken has less emissions than beef, the smaller animals are better.

Campaign Against Climate Changr suggest ways that people could enjoy a ZCB2030 day by posting your suggestions on a ZCB2030 facebook group event page.



thehoatzin said...

and don't have three kids?

Adrian Windisch said...

Thehoatzin, i think you have been misled. People in some countries have a far higher carbon footprint than others. The worst is the usa. Some fairly simple changes can make a lot of difference to emissions

howard thomas said...

You could have put 'start diet day' ! look at the number of people that eat too much , regardless of the carbon emissions.
thehoatzin touches on an important point..........where does world population come into the equation?
There has to be a limit , but how could you ever enforce it?

howard thomas said...

Just another thought Adrian. What about fish, do they have less emissions ?

howard thomas said...

So, chicken has less emissions than beef. Would it be better to eat fish? How do their emissions check out ?

Adrian Windisch said...

has fish at fewer emissions. But ensure fish is from a sustainable source, or we wont have any left.