Monday, 18 July 2011

Keith Taylor Green MEP Campaigns on air pollution in Reading

Keith Taylor, the Green MEP for Berkshire and the South East, brought his new air pollution campaign to Reading today Monday 18 July. He met with local Green councilor, Melanie Eastwood, who has successfully lobbied for air pollution monitoring to be re-installed outside Alfred Sutton Primary School, a pollution hotspot with high levels of the pollutant Nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Councillor Eastwood said: “As an asthma sufferer since childhood, this is a matter close to my heart. The landscape around the school, stretching far and wide, has changed at an alarming rate over recent years. In just the last 5 years alone, a huge part of East Reading, particularly the land owned by Reading University, has been so significantly developed it is unrecogniseable.

“Both Reading and Wokingham Local Authorities need to face the reality that they are losing the ecological battle in the town and that they are putting our lives at risk by continuing to permit the large-scale development that is taking place in this area.

“This area is very densely populated, losing any more trees or open spaces will see the pollution levels rise to such an extent that the health of our children will suffer. Quality of life includes being able to have the right to enjoy the natural environment around us and I fear that not enough is being done to give the children in Reading this choice”.

Pic from the last euro election


howard thomas said...

Well at least its a change from the 'global warming ' theory.
Why is it though that the only answer the Greens seem to have is to get people out of the cars that they want to drive?
There is technology out there that can remove virtually all of the crap that comes out of the exhaust pipe and yet it is ignored and even actively discouraged by our government...........and (it would seem ) the Green party !
Why is that ?

howard thomas said...

Well , it makes a change from global warming, and a sensible one at that. However instead of trying to get people to give up the cars that they want to drive , why not consider the technology that can clean up the emissions. There is technology out there that can increase mpg by 20% and more while reducing emiisions by over 90%. Surely that would be a better way forward.

Adrian Windisch said...

Howard, is there any chance that you can back up anything you state? You are mistaken; greens are all for making cars more efficient and exhaust emissions cleaner. Not every post is going to be about global warming, yet its the elephant in the room.

Is there amy point in engaging with you when you just ignore and misrepresent what I say.

howard thomas said...

stiversiPerhaps the greens would do well to make that plain ! Perhaps you are just misunderstood.
I appreciate that it would be much easier for you if I was to stop commenting , but while you put your thoughts into the public domain , then you are asking for comments............and you get them.
For your information I will be fitting such technology on my vehicle very shortly and will let you know how I get on.
It is a shame that all you want to do is to ignore what I say instead of asking what it is that I am talking about.
I've come to realise that this is normal

Adrian Windisch said...

I asked you for details already, try reading next time before commenting.

Some people are determined to see Greens as being what we are not. Try looking up what we actually say or do, not make assumptions.