Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Corrupt, The Buffoon and the Scoundrel

After the bankers, it was the politicians, now its journalists. But who are the media choosing to quote on the phone hacking scandal.

Theres Keith Vaz MP who famously was found to be corrupt, the then PM Tony Blair stopped the investivation.

Then theres the Buffoon "Lord" Prescott. All those promises he made, all that power he had. What did he achieve with it? Some croquet at our expense and he got a title he doesnt deserve; is he saying "Im alright Jack and stuff the rest of you". He may have been a victim if hacking but when he the authority all he did was watch Murdoch snuggle up with with Tone.

Lastly theres ex PM Gordon Brown, who has made only two appearances in the house of commons in over a year. Anyone one else would long since have been sacked, he should be given the boot. He is drawing a good wage and expecting a good pension despite his damaging everyone elses pensions. What a scoundel.


howard thomas said...

I seems that the police lack the teeth and /or the balls to properly investigate the things that go on involving politicians and others. Aside from this case , where the police should have investigated properly years ago , there is the cash for honours scenario where 'teflon tony' and co got away with their dodgy dealings.

Adrian Windisch said...

To be fair thats some of the police, some of the time.
Green Parties Jenny Jones London Assembly member has called for Sir Paul Stephenson and John Yates to resign