Thursday, 7 July 2011

13 Tesco, unlucky for Reading

Tesco is to open its 13th store in Reading. Is the to be no limit on the ever expanding retail giant?

In the past we have seen a hospital knocked down and replaced by a huge Tesco. Slowly independent retailers close down to make way for the leviathan This week its a pub, another win for tesco and a loss for the town.

I blogged a few days ago about the possiblity of tesco wining its planning permission.

The other parties councillors claim to be working for the voters but we can see who they support when the chips are down.

The media is calling this one the 14th as the petrol station shop was applied for first.

Meanwhile the 14th tesco fate is still to be decided

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howard thomas said...

Presumably you will be pleased with the Co-op taking over the Star pub in least Tesco didn't get that one ! The thing is Adrian , if Tesco or anyone else apply for planning for something, and there is no good reason to turn down that application, than it will pass ! 12 or 13 stores already in a town is not a good reason !
And did you read the Daily (right wing ) Mail on Wednesday , Money Mail to be precise,and the article headed 'Don't fall for the great solar panels con' ..................All newspapers can be economical with the truth, but this article was based on lies and made up 'facts'. Have you seen it ? What do you think ? It certainly doesn't help the solar panel industry, which presumably you support