Thursday, 30 June 2011

Support Workers Right To Strike

Workers should have the right to strike. Its never an easy descision for them, a strike is an extreme action taken rarely as so many suffer when it happens.

I have never been a member pf a union but I support their rights. The history of unions is one of campaingning for and gaining rights for all workers. Without them we would not get tea breaks, weekends or holidays. Read about the past or indeed swratshops to see what life without them would be like.

Most civil servants are hard working and have historically been paid less than the private sector. Some will have chosen this career based on the pensions or other benefits such as holidays or security. So a bit unfair to pull the rug out from under them now.

Cameron talks about reform as he would rather not say he is cutting workers conditions, bit Orwellian. What we should be angry about is he wants low and medium paid people to pay for the mistakes of some politicians, bankers and speculators.

Gordon Brown may have been chancellor while the economy was put into recession but the Tories and Labour backed him at the time. So they are all in this together.

Though Cameron tries to pretend Ed Miliband is a puppet of the unions, actually the so called "red Ed" described the strikes as "a mistake" and "a sign of failure".

All of the big parties seem quick to blame the unions, who represent those least able to afford cuts. No mention of tax rises for the very wealthy. Only the poor and downtrodden get hit with cuts they cant affird.

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