Friday, 10 June 2011

Oh The Irony; Lib Dems attack their own cuts

The local LD have been campaigning hard against a cut, but it turns out its their own cut. Oops.

They say they spotted a stealthy change to end of academic year student rubbish collections. As the new Labour administration had been in power just over a week this was possible but unlikely, as it dated from March.

Both the LD and Labour have a history of telling fibs, particularly Cllr Page the Lab deputy leader, so not so easy to decide which one is being 'creative' in this case. However the Tories, instead of backing their coalition partners, have mostly remained silent. This speaks volumes.

The Reading Chronicle quotes Lab, LD and council oficials and has it as a LD cut.

Lib Dem leader, Cllr Daisy Benson, who launched an online petition against this cut, said on her blog on Monday it was Labour councillors who scrapped the collections. But when informed of a council oficials statement, she maintained there is a difference between decisions taken by officers and the savings confirmed by councillors, and insisted it would have been overturned had her party still been power sharing. Perhaps.

She added: "This was never part of our savings plan and was not brought to our attention." Ignorance is not an excuse. Does anyone expect an apology for all the name calling? Listen to the sound of silence.

Actually they LD are claiming it as their sucess! Displaying the 2010 election results on their websites tells you all you need to know, 2011 was a disaster so they hope people will forget while they stick their heads in the sand.

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Isobel Ballsdon said...

You've got this wrong Adrian. It wasn't a cut made by the Lib Dems/Conservative Coalition. If you really are interested in finding out the truth, wait for an apology which should be forthcoming from RBC in the next few days.

Adrian Windisch said...

I await events with interest.

Adrian Windisch said...

I await events with interest.