Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Down And Out in Local Politics

It seems the political career of Cllr Warren Swaine is taking a turn for the worse. He came to prominence with his satirical website muckspreading, but recently was thrown out of the LD for some nasty comments on twitter that were taken to be racist.

Waren may have been under considerable stress, he seems to have lost his sence of humour along with any perspective.

Recent Twitter Update:
How can you tell when a Labour councillor is lying? Their lips move, send a tweet or blog post.
about 6 hours ago

Recent Blogs:
"Why can I blame Rob White for this cut? Simple, it was not in my budget savings." So if Warren wasnt going to do it, it must be evil? Bit arrogant.

A coalition administration would not have cut this service. Labour have and Rob White let Labour form the administration. He is just as much to blame as Paul Gittings. In fact even more so because his negotiations with Labour demanded the reversal of the charges for green waste collection. Cause and effect.

In the Greens' world of pestering Mummy at the supermarket checkout for sweets she can't afford, their "victory" has come home to roost and will directly impact the residents of Park ward. Nice one Rob.
In the Green's little world they believe that an absence of decision making absolves them of culpability. Wrong. Threatening to squweam and squweam and squweam until they're thick will not abdicate them of that responsibility. Every cut, every stopped service and every closure is just as much their fault as it is Labour's and I will hold them to account for each and every one of them.

and on his website muckspreading:
a video of Chaimberlain from pre WW2 with Robs head placed on the then PM

fake cabinet mins that is just sweary, not satire.

a video of Orville the Duck with Robs head placed on Orville. I expect a 'its not easy beng green' with Kermit any day.

a postcard of a Lab Cllr stabbing a Tory Cllr

All of this in the space of a few days. He must have lots of time on his hands. And is a little too interested in Rob.

Update; looking at this the next day I can see that I could have said far more, but I left it for the reader.

I will point out that the LD are responsible for propping up the government, who make the rules on what Councils can do, what they can spend or borow. One amusing thing is last year the local LD Tory coalition blamed Lab for the disasterous Shinfield road changes though it was months into their administration. it cost a fortune and made things worse.

Now after just a few days they expect everyone to believe that everyhing that happens is the fault of Lab and Greens. Well I remind them of what they said last year. Hypocrites.


dazmando said...

Not good

PolitePaulo said...

Warren needs to learn to think before he opens his mouth - a lesson to all politicians and internet bloggers! :-)

I wouldn't worry much about what he says - he won't be around in Reading politics for much longer.