Sunday, 19 June 2011

Brian Haw R.I.P.

Pace campaigner Brian Haw, who lived and slept outside the Houses of Parliament in London for a decade to protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has died of cancer, his family said on Sunday. He was 62.

R.I.P. Brian, you will be much missed.

This is a picture of his peace camp before the authorities moved in to reduce it. He stayed despite attempts from Blair, Brown, Cameron and Boris Johnson to remove him.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Brian Haw and the rest of the "Peace Camp" ever noticed the irony of protesting against all kinds of wars under the amused eyes of Winston Churchill:

Nonetheless, may Mr Haw rest in peace.

Adrian Windisch said...

Not sure why you think this is ironic Brian and other protestors were well aware of Churchills statue. Churchill once said "jaw jaw not war war" but he was also i think the home sec who sent troops againt protestors.

howard thomas said...

I always thought it was quite amusing that Blair changed the law and still couldn't manage to get rid of him !