Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bike Week 18 to 26th June 2011

bike week starts today. The link leads to some organised rides and events.

Theres an event in town tomorrow, Broad Street information day.
A certain irony as bikes are banned from part of Broad Street, unfortunately.

I have been campaigning for improved cycle routes and parking facilities for years, lets hope the new Reading Labour administration do something, even if its just letting bikes on Broad Street or allowing people to chain bikes to the town hall fence.

pic from today. The stall was on the no bike bit. Oh the irony.
They were giving out cycle maps of Reading, good to finally see the new one being distributed.


hosehill said...

It is about time things changed in Reading. The new town centre works are a disaster for cyclists.

howard thomas said...

How can you let bikes into Broad st,its a pedestrian area.................'pedestrian' is the clue!
With regard to cycle storage what is required is a building/shelter where bikes can be safely stored ,effectively under guard for a small fee.
How many reports do you read of cycles being nicked even if they are secured with the 'best' locks available ? That is why many people are reluctant to take their bikes into town.........apart from the lack of cycle routes of course !

Adrian Windisch said...

Cheers Hosehill, nice to hear from you.

Howard, cycle groups advise two good locks front and back on a bike. Many pedesrtian routes are shared with bikes already, try the footpath on the a4 east of Reading, or West in Calcott.

The crazy thing is cars and lorries use broad street but bikes are banned. Click on my link in the post and you will see my youtube clip of this from a few yeas ago.

howard thomas said...

You can advise all the good locks but they still go missing. Did you read the comments on the EP site recently, many of them made by people who had lost bikes secured by the best locks.
Lets be sensible about Broad st. It is a pedestrian shopping area , not a pavement alongside the A4. It has people crisscrossing all the time. You can't have bikes whizzing through .

Adrian Windisch said...

EP comments tend to be a little silly
Bike groups advise two locks as i said already.

Jamie said...

From the photo it looks like the stall was outside M&S. You can cycle there ok. You can cycle upto Queen Victoria street, infact this is the council's offical cycle route to the station.

Adrian Windisch said...

Cheers Jamie. Perhaps I should have said next to the closed off section. There are not many areas where bikes are banned, I can only think of broad street and the thames path by the braseie.

By all means warn cyclists to be careful and go slow, but no one wants to dismount from their bike.