Sunday, 20 February 2011

Will you keep your promise? email from Harriet Harman

I got an email from Harriet Harman the other day. I must have got onto the Labour Parties list somehow. Its really cheeky, considering they are objecting to the current Tory cuts while admitting they would have done something very similar. Here is the email in full.


As a supporter of the Global Poverty Promise, I thought you should be one of the first to hear that there is a new campaign beginning tonight. We need your help in making sure that the Tory-led Government keeps to their promise of spending.7% of national income on aid by 2013.

Help launch our new campaign now demanding that the Government keep their .7/2013 promise by emailing your friends to ask them to add their voices

Despite saying that they will exempt the development department's budget from the public spending cuts, the Tory-led Government has frozen UK aid for the next two years, denying a crucial £2.2 billion to some of the world’s poorest people. This money could have made a real difference - 50 million children could have been vaccinated against diseases like diphtheria, and it could also have helped with the treatment of all children with pneumonia in the world’s poorest countries saving 1.2 million children’s lives.

Help ensure that the Government does not renege on its election promise and help millions of people who desperately need aid. Please email your friends now

Aid makes a real difference – over just seven years it has helped 34 million go to school in Africa. But there are still 72 million children who aren’t able to go to school, so now is not the time to let the Tory-led Government abandon their pledge.

It is up to us to ensure that this promise is not broken. I hope that you will join our campaign.

Best wishes
Harriet Harman
Shadow Secretary of State for International Development

P.S. Email your friends now to help launch our campaign and send a message to the Government to fulfil their promise to spend just .7% of national income on aid by 2013

Didnt Gordon Brown claim to have eradicated international poverty? 'Third world debt has not been eradicated. Progress has been made but, as the IMF recently noted, the fallout of the global financial crisis runs the risk of driving up debt again among those in the third world.'



I’m at a loss why Harriet Harman has sent this email or you have published it?

I quote from your post:- “the Tory-led Government has frozen UK aid for the next two years, denying a crucial £2.2 billion to some of the world’s poorest people”.

You (The Green Party) are against government cuts for the NHS, the Fire Service, the Police and everybody else in the UK; are you sympathetic to this email or against the expenditure?

Adrian Windisch said...

Its simple really. Read what I have written to learn my opinion.

Once you have read the post feel free to comment on it. Otherwise, why bother?