Saturday, 19 February 2011

Cuts To Our Health Services

Two London hospitals are cutting hundreds of jobs to save money.

Kingston Hospital said there were 486 posts that could go, while St George's Hospital in Tooting has identified 200 posts that will close. Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said: "This announcement is more proof that the NHS is not safe."

They always claim that frontline staff wont be affected, but even with backroom cuts this forces front line staff to take on more back room duties.

The Conservatives promised that the NHS was safe with them. This is clearly a long way from being true. Almost 100,000 hospital posts could be at risk across the country!




As a country we're having to cut costs everywhere albeit the Police, the Fire Sevice, the NHS and local government.

It has to be done.

Adrian Windisch said...

You have swallowed the Tory line then.

Its their ideology, they have wanted these cuts since Thatcher.

When Brown was Chancellor they thought he was wonderful, its only now that they are saying he was a disaster.