Sunday, 13 February 2011

Matt Parker "Clutching At Random Straws" Reading Skeptics In The Pub. Tues 7:30

Matt Parker (of Radio 4's "Infinite Monkey Cage", originator of the spoof Woolworths stores' geometrical alignment recently featured on QI, and self-described Stand-Up Mathematician). He is at Copa Bar on Kings Road on Tuesday evening presenting his talk "Clutching At Random Straws" to Reading Skeptics In The Pub. Starts 7:30, admission free!*

Copa Bar is where Kings Road goes over the canal, at what was once the Shop On The Bridge.

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These skeptics are likely to be a bit sceptical when someone calls themself a "climate change sceptic", an "HIV/AIDS sceptic" or a "Holocaust sceptic". Denialists, who adopt entrenched positions contrary to most of the evidence call themselves "sceptics" to convey an aura of open-mindedness and suggest that they are lone voices speaking out against Establishment Conspiracies.

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