Sunday, 9 January 2011

Berkshire Blogs December

Check out the risers and the fallers with Green Reading exclusive monthly chart of the top blogs in the area (compiled using

This used to be done by bythemuddybanksofthethames.

Of course no ranking system will ever be definitive so if you want to get listed don't forget to tell us about your blog in the comments section - the more the merrier.

Here are the Berkshire Blog rankings for December 2010.
November is here.
I have archived the lists here.

1 (=) 108 Cons John Redwood MP
2 (=) 151 Boulton and co
3 (=) 224 Liberal Burblings
4 (=) 269 another green world Derek Wall
5 (+1) 376 cartoon church
6 (-1) 437 babyrambles
7 (+3) 567 green reading
8 (-1) 606 left outside
9 (+3) 616 oy va goy
10 (-2) 622 bracknell blog
11 (-2) 680 Cons Cllr Richard Willis
12 (-1) 755 Jane Griffiths
13 (+2) 1024 Lab Richard Mckenzie
14 (+9) 1034 LD Cllr Gareth Epps
15 (-2) 1177 Neville Hobson
16 (-2) 1502 Lab Jones
17 (-1) 1556 Lab Cllr John Ennis
18 (-1) 1638 Mr london street
19 (-2) 1699 the salted slug
20 (=) 1709 LD Cllr Swaine waswasere

There rest of the list is here


revelinreading said...

Hi there

I'd love to be part of the listings fun! Please add Thanks!

About us: At Revel in Reading, where we know how to revel in Reading. The site is a mix of humour, personality and community promotion. We share news from across Berkshire and offer recommendations for where to eat and shop. One section features free offers from Reading and the surrounding area. We plan to create a 'living history' section for locals to contribute their memories of life in Reading.

Adrian Windisch said...

Hi, you have to register with to be counted. I just checked it and you wern't on there.

Mark Thompson said...


According to this ( I should be third in this list. My blog became active again after a few months' break in December.



Adrian Windisch said...

Welcome back Mark, you will be in the next one.

Mr London Street said...

I genuinely can't believe anyone thinks this list means anything. But I'll definitely check out Revel In Reading.

Adrian Windisch said...

You have just proved it has value.

I dont expect anyone thinks its very accurate, but it does list lots of interesting Berkshire blogs.