Sunday, 19 September 2010

Save Our Services Thursday 23rd September Reading Town Hall 7pm


The fight against cuts continues. Some people are demonstrating outside the LD conference now and the Conservatives conference on the 3rd October.

In Reading theres a meeting at the Town Hall, all sorts of groups are part of the fight. Unions, politicians, faith groups and more. Join in and help defend services for people that need them, not bonuses for those that don't.


weggis said...

Come on now Adrian. “Need” is subjective. How would you feel if a whole load of bankers [double checks spelling] had their bonuses chopped off or surgically removed, with or without anaesthetic, and became so clinically depressed because they could not afford the new Lamborghini penis substitute with double dip headlights, retracting wing mirrors and self emptying ash trays, that they took to jumping off the nearest cliff or out of an open 17th floor window. You would feel a teeny bit guilty wouldn’t you, wouldn’t you?

Adrian Windisch said...

I'm feeling guilty already, cheers Weggis.