Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Blairalike Contest Clegg-Cam-Miliband

Listening to Nick Clegg at the LD conference this week is a bit like watching him in a "who can be the most like Tony Blair" contest with Cameron and Miliband.
On PR, Trident, nuclear power, and many other issues the answer is the same. Clegg says he been campaigning for years on this subject. So why does govt policy still echo the Tory manifesto? Because Clegg caved in to Camerons demands and gave up the best chance to change the system in generations. Clegg could have insisted on PR as a condition of any alliance, and the Tories would have given it to him. Instead he settled for very little change to Tory policy but lots of power for LD MPs. They do say power corrupts.

Huhne’s speech today reveals “combination of half-hearted measures and bad policy” said Green MP Caroline Lucas.

Not long ago Vince was hailed as a saint for claiming to have predicted the financial disaster and talking about casino capitalism, now he is the dealer. A little less talk and more action baby.

Clegg sounds so good on the environment, but just like Blair there is no action. Emissions went up with Labour though they also made fine speeches. Clegg seems as duplicitous. He boasts that govt buildings will cut CO2 by 10%, but this is just what has already been promised by the 1010 campaign under Labour! Lets make some progress before bigging up claims to be the most green government.

Greens are concerned that cuts in investment in renewables will see us continue to be one of the least green countries in Europe. LD are following the Labour failing example, all talk and no action. Cut emissions not services.

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