Saturday, 26 June 2010

Bus Stop Mismanagement

Its seems the Labour Cllrs were so inept that when they changed the bus shelter contractor, and the new contractor had a lead time of several months before any replacements shelters arrived. Both the LD and Cons have been blogging about this. The LD say:
"Just before the (bus stop) contract ran out, they (Lab) tendered for a new contract and awared it to a new company. Sadly the contract allowed them to pick up their bus stops for all over the town without any reference to the new company that apparently cannot start operating until all the old bus stops have been removed. Only when can they start installing new bus stops."

This is beyond barmy. But where was the scrutiny by the opposition parties? LD Cllr Duveen says "I sincerely hope that the new contract does not have the same pig’s ear of a mess when it eventually runs out." Does he not know how to be a Cllr? Its not done just by guessing and hoping, get the contracts checked.

Thankfully we no longer have to rely on the three old parties, now the Greens have a Cllr, we can have some real opposition to their bad practises.

In Wokingham I have seen some solar powered bus stops. Can we have some of those. solar bus stop


Anonymous said...


Sadly it seems that Rob White's only contribution is to vote with Labour. You would have thought that he would be welcoming and supporting the new administration on Reading but so far at almost every opportunity he is throwing his lot in with Labour.

It is Labour that got us into this mess and it is the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition that is trying to get us out of it.

Adrian Windisch said...

Dont forget Rob is the opposition, and its only been a few weeks. If Labour occasionally do their job and act as an oposition also that cant be helped.

In the old days when Labour dominated the council; there was no opposition on many occasions. Everything went through on the nod.

I cant forget the Battle Tesco discussion, I presented a petition at a full council meeting but I wasnt allowed to make my case. I was heckled by Lab Cllr Tony Jones. Some Conservatives tutted, but it still happened. At the planning meeting all Cllrs ignored my warnings of damage to the local shops and increased flood danger. They all voted together for the Tesco.

Richard, can you tell us if you had the chance to scrutinise the deal with bus stops, and if now, why not?