Sunday, 9 May 2010

Lets Play Fantasy Cabinet

With the big 3 parties attempting to combine efforts and form a coalition, we observers can play some fantasy cabinet games.

Player A pretends to be a Tory. Player B a LD. C is Labour.

So A gets to start as they won the toss (or General Election). Asks B what they want? How about Clegg as Home Sec, Cable as Chancellor. Cameron can be PM, Osbourne Foriegn Sec.

C feels a bit left out, says its my go, I want to play. No youve had 3 years at it, its our turn.

Meanwhile those who voted LD are shocked that they ever supported them and vow to kick them out for joining the Tories. And Tory supporters are not best please with 'giving' away such powerful positions.

Oh dear, looks like its time to deal again, throw the dice; yes another General Election.

Or, run it as a minority government. Let each MP vote freely on every issue. Would this work? Actually trusting the MPs to make a decision based on their experience and knowledge, not on what they are told by someone in an office. Worth a try.

This is what people voted at the Guardian. No job for Cameron or Osbourne oddly. Or Brown, thats not so odd.
Prime minister: David Miliband (Lab)
Chancellor: Vince Cable (Lib Dem)
Home secretary: Nick Clegg (Lib Dem)
Foreign secretary: David Miliband (Lab)
Defence secretary: Liam Fox (Con - 38%)
Energy and climate change secretary: Caroline Lucas (Green - 42%)
Justice secretary: Jack Straw (Lab - 62%)
Business secretary: Lord Mandelson (Lab - 45%; Ken Clarke 29%)
Culture secretary: Ben Bradshaw (Lab - 58%)
Work and pensions secretary: Yvette Cooper (Lab 44%)
Schools secretary: Ed Balls (Lab - 47%; Michael Gove 18%)
Transport secretary: Lord Adonis (Lab - 55%)

Clegg has already played this game here.
"I'd like to put Charles Kennedy back on the frontline, I'd love to have Paddy [Ashdown] there – particularly on Afghanistan," he said. When pushed to set his sights on other parties, he said: "I know what I'll do. Adonis keeps telling me he's a Lib Dem. Well, let's ask him. Vince; David Laws definitely; some of the pro-European Tories who have been marginalised. Bring back Patten maybe."

Prospect Magazine suggests "Richard Branson at biz, Bob Geldof at DfID, Emma Thompson at culture, or Jamie Oliver at health?"

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