Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Kingmaker Clegg

During the election the LD said they were not the kingmakers, thats the voters. It was a good line.
King Clegg

Now its over, and guess what, Clegg has become the kingmaker, he holds the power in his hands. The media now follows his every movement, 'breaking news'; there he is in a car, walking down a road, what expression is on his face?

During the election he said that the party with the biggest number of seats would be the one they dealt with. So after the election, they started talks with the Tories. Then secretly they started talking to Labour. Oops.

A month ago Nick Clegg said it was not a two horse race but a three horse race. Then a few days before the election, he said it was a two horse race, with him replacing Labour as the second horse! So much for Nick Clegg being fair, he changes the rules to suit himself. You can't trust him.

LD activists are now threatening to resign if Clegg makes a deal with the Tories. Clegg promised during the election that he would make a deal with the party with the most votes, he fought the election along those lines. But some LD wish him to break his word. Clearly his word is not worth much.

So the LD had a poor election, after all the hype, the Clegmania, they actually lost seats. They were squeezed, as we were, as were the independents. Remember 'Vote Lib Dem, get Nick Clegg!', how hollow it sounds now.

A survey of LD members said:
89% support Nick Clegg’s decision to let the party with the most votes and most seats try and form a government,
90% support Nick Clegg’s decision to enter into discussions with the Conservative party on that basis,
80% say that significant progress on electoral reform is a deal-breaker.
Only 55% thought Clegg was 'very effective' in the election,
Vince Cable got only 31% thinking he was 'very effective'.
What a fickle audience.

Occasionally history has made a person a kingmaker, but its not such a healthy position to be in.

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Anonymous said...

well I suppose Clegg has at least got what he wanted seeing as it now seems he is deputy PM.
Still, it does seem like he has sold out on a lot - trident for one - and I cant see the grassroots thanking him for this so I'd expect a lot of grumblings in the LibDems pretty soon.

Oh and congrats for what you did in the elections. Caroline Lucas showed that it is possible for a Green to get elected under FPTP