Thursday, 15 April 2010

WIMBY; Wind in My Back Yard

Whilst polls reveal overwhelming support for wind energy - 74% are in favour of increasing it - a staggering 75% of onshore applications are being turned down by planning committees.
A group called WIMBY (stands for Wind in My Back Yard) has a petition. It was influenced by Facebook groups who are already campaigning for wind energy in the UK. For example, more than 37,000 people are already members of groups such as Put a Windfarm in My Backyard if You Like.

The WIMBY campaign will seek to empower people to make the case locally for windfarms in their areas, and to let politicians know that people who support renewable energy are tired of being pushed out of the debate by anti-wind groups.

From this page, you can sign a petition to show your support or email your local representatives to urge them to support the expansion of renewable energy. You can also join the MyPlanet WIMBY group, as well as the Embrace Facebook group.

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