Thursday, 29 April 2010

Whats On Offer This Election (not from the big three parties)

English Democrats
Bnp say British jobs for British people, heard that before somewhere. Their PEB has Griffin in front of a picture of Churchill, dare say he is turning in his grave.
Both claim to be the fastest growing political party, they can't both be right; I wouldn't trust either.

Both have a lot in common with Ukip, blame the immigrants.
They want to scrap inheritance tax, so appealing to the rich. Take the poorest out of paying tax, appeal to the poorest. Bit of a mixed message.

Christian Party say 'a hostile non-Christian liberal elite now dominates all the main political parties and want to destroy what is left of our Christian culture and legacy', and 'stop immigrants jumping the housing queue'; sounds a bit unchristian to me. How strange to find the Christian Party joining the lot above.

In Reading we have the Common Sense Party, another Ukip like party. 'The Common Sense Party was formed with the idea of using public opinion to formulate the polices, therefore truly representing the people of the UK.'
'At a population of 60 million the UK should be considered ‘FULL’. This is mentioned by a few of the above right wing parties.
And 'Since 2008 England is the most densely populated country in Europe.' Actually we are the third most densely populated country in Europe (the EU 15) after the Netherlands and Belgium, but why let facts get in the way of spin, oh yes, they claim to be 'politics without the bull'. 'The current open door immigration policy of the current government'; we don't have an open door immigration policy. So far just spin.

The 'leader' appears to be driving a vehicle around Reading West, causing a one person traffic jam, adding to climate emissions (he is a climate denier). A week before the General Election the website says they have no policy on Pensions, Social Services, Working and Maternity Leave, Housing, World Trade, Culture and Sport, Environment, Banking Services & Local Government.

Union veteran Bob Crow has formed a new Party Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) this election, he did much the same at the Euro Election, No2EU party.

In Reading East we have
Michael Turberville standing as an Independent in Reading East, 'I fully support and would ensure that the Reading Mainline Station Redevelopment Project and the electrification of the Great Western Railway are fully funded and Not cancelled or postponed under any circumstances. Additionally see that Cross Rail does not terminate at Maidenhead and continues to it's proper western destination of Reading.' 'Chairman of a Non-Governmental Organisation for over 10 years that Lobbied Parliament to recognise that British Women should have a legal right equal to men to pass on their Nationality to their children.'

my mother was english she was born in Lincolnshire in 1927, she met my father during the war (ww2) they got married and had 2 children in england and my oldest brother and sister have always had british nationality.
But when they went to live in the USA, my parent had 4 more children, like most war brides!
If this election was 10 year ago, I would not be eligable to stand as I was not British in the eyes of parliament.
up to 1983, nationalilty only pass through the father not the mother (if the child was born abroad)
once upon a time anyone born in britian was british, but that ended in 1983.
my parents had 4 more children when they were stateside
my mother was told that her childern could not have british nationality for her entire life!
I managed to get an amendment to a bill in parliament to end the sex discrimination.
children of british fathers are british automatically no matter where they were born in the world
but children of british mother ... were not

I guess you could think of winston churchill as his mother was american and his father was british and he was automatically british.
but if it was the other way around like me were my mother was british and my father american, I only was 'allowed' into the uk as a tourist!

in 2002 I was able to get parliament to pass a bill so that all those born between 1961 and 1983 to be recognised as british!
in 2009 I had the 1961 cut off date remove so that all British women are NOW able to pass on their nationality.

Also Jan Lloyd, who stood last time stood in Reading East in 2005 advocating a ban on abortion and got 135 votes.

There are said to be over 300 Parties here, I can't cover them all, so this was just a few, mostly of local interest.

I have written about the Green Party on most blog entries, so won't do it again here. We have some new viral videos out, see here.


howard thomas said...

Adrian , if you can spot it through those thick green glasses, the temperatures peaked in 1998although that is not what you green guys want to hear because it throws more than a bit of doubt on your diaster theories.
It is you that is master of the 'bull'
England is the most densely populated country in Europe. Who says so......try Miss Karen Dunnel speaking for the Office of National Statistics in a wriiten Commons answer in 2008. England395 people per sq. km. Holland 393, Belgium 341.
On current trends (open door immigration) this is predicted to rise to 464 by 2031.
Now who exactly is talking the bull Adrian ?
At what point would you consider the country to be 'full' Adrian? 70 million, 80 perhaps? never? do tell !
I appreciate that you may be jealous of our yellow submarine. Is it the colour that you don't like, or is it the fact that it generates publicity for our party that you don't like!
You might do well to note that I am actually the leader, not the 'leader'.
How would you describe our government's policy on immigration over the last few years.
'Open door immigration policy' is a description,not a title!
The CommonSense Party is neither right nor left, nor even central. Our ideas policies are driven by what the majority of the public want to see, and you might do well to note that most people see 'green issues' as tax raising issues and little else!
Not all subjects are mentioned on our website......we wouldn't want to give you too much to take in at one time, you are obviously struggling to understand what is there at the moment !
But try this one for now, just to see if you can understand it.
Taxation should be based on the ability to pay........By abolishing council tax and transferring the burdon to national income tax we could remove the ridiculous and unfair scenario that those households on a lower income pay a greater percentage of that income in council tax. This would also create a good rise for many pensioners as well as saving the admin costs of both the council tax collection system and the council tax benefit system (which together cost Reading about £2.5 million annually)The very fact that there is a benefit system to assist people to pay a tax ought to be a clue that even you could spot as being a problem !
Bye for now , I'm off for a cruise round in the submarine!

howard thomas said... the way Adrian......why is it that for 3 weeks running you have been unable (or possibly willing) to write anything for the Chronicle as regards your policy/views?.......and simply tell people that "I agree with Rob"
Is that your best shot?

Adrian Windisch said...

Hi Howard, haven't seen you on here for ages. You and I have had this discussion before, you should read what is said, not want you want it to say. Our country includes Scotland & Wales, which makes us the third. You may want to separate us from Scotland and Wales, but you are in a minority.

Only the ignorant refer to an 'open door' immigration, anyone who has immigrated here from outside the EU knows how difficult it is.

So much for the party with no bull, they are full of it.

howard thomas said...

When you are in a hole Adrian the best advice is to stop digging !
Surprised you didn't comment on the green issues or have you put the shovel away on that one ?
All immigrants come here to better their lives , be it to work(as most do) claim benefits or commit crime.It is the fault of the system and not the immigrant themselves. The 'door' is quite obviously far too easy to get through whether you want to say so or not.
Then there is the question of the illegals and failed assylum seekers.....why are they not being deported with urgency?

Adrian Windisch said...

So you admit I am right and you are wrong, but then why do keep repeating the same mistake?

I am reminded of the many times in history when people have sought to blame problems on immigrants, they were happy with intolerance and racial violence. You should distance yourself from this.

If another Party did what you do, drive around town like that, you would want to know how much it cost and who was paying. If you are against corrupt politics, make a statement on your website on your expenses.

howard thomas said...

You Idiot Adrian.....surely you are aware that the expenses will have to be submitted within 35 days. I'll put them in properly and if you have a problem then I suggest you register a complaint!
It will have to make more sense than the rest of your ramblings though.
As regards anything else, I think the readers of this blog will have judged for themselves!
I can't be bothered to keep on commenting endlessly on you said its been a while.......I've got far more important things to do!
You might do well to note though that immigration is the big issue in this election, whether you like it or not!

Adrian Windisch said...

Is that part of your campaigning, to resort to calling those who disagree with you 'idiot'? How very mature.

Actually I gave you some fair coverage, I quoted at length from your website. And I reported your positions on various issues.

But as I disagree with you, you attack.

You suggest immigration is the big issue, but most of the coverage and debate has been on the economy, but may not think this matters. Clearly you think he environment doesn't matter, perhaps you think science is fiction.

You have called for transparency in other politicians, but you behave as if you have something to hide.

howard thomas said...

I called you an idiot for a good reason....its true. Remember the phrase "say it without the bull"

If you haven't worked out what the big issue is with the voters , then you are obviously as blinkered/daft as the big boys.
Enough said!.....more important things to be doing than wasting my time playing on here !!