Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Robin Hood Global Bankers Tax

I've just signed up to support the Robin Hood Global Bankers Tax. It's a a global tax on high value transactions between banks. This wouldn't affect effect high street customers; it's a tax on the risky speculation by banks - the sort of speculation that caused the banking crisis. A tax of just 0.05% will raise hundreds of billions of pounds to fund action against climate change, poverty and other big issues in Britain and around the world.

The financial crisis showed us that the global banking system is broken. The actions of bankers chasing their bonuses cause havoc for millions around the world. It's time for banks to be forced to live up to their responsibilities.

Please sign the petition now.

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~~Just Me in T~~ said...

Is this really asking you to be part of the World's Greatest Bank Job (ha ha ha ha) or a conniving way to encourage you to be a part of the Worlds Biggest Con Job?
I just have to wonder how many folk actually have heard about the 'Robin Hood Tax' ? - (RHT) and more importantly have taken the time to find out what it is? where it comes from? what is actually involved? Let me tell you right now it involves BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and of course, should it come to pass, just who will administer it?