Monday, 26 April 2010

Politics Show Climate Change Debate, Green Included (For A Change)

Taking Part; Darren Johnson (Green), Simon Hughes(Lib Dem), Greg Clark(Cons), Ed Miliband (Labour). Andrew Neil and Justin Rowlatt moderating.

Andrew Neil said 'the political consensus on climate change has resulted in some tough targets; UK greenhouse gases 34% reduction by 2020 (on 1990 levels). Andrew is wrong; this is not tough enough. Can we afford to be green? Energy security is a crucial issue. Is nuclear power the only realistic option?

G. Decades of dither and delay, huge challenge. Greens massive insulation and investment program, also tackles economic crisis. 90% by 2030.
AN Your against growth, you should be delighted with the recession.
G. We are not, GDP is not a good way of measuring the success of the economy, it can't grow forever. We plan on 1 million jobs.

LD. Most important election in my lifetime. LD are the only party that will take the action needed. (See his nose grow). 40% by 2020.
AN you use bio-diesel in your car, can you be more pious?
LD I walk/cycle/use public transport where I can.

C. Great wind resources but we are falling behind, 3rd worst renewable in Europe.
80% by 2050. Government emissions cut 10% a year.
AN Vote blue go Green, Tory MPs have not changed.
C. We have achieved more than the government, including the climate change act!

L. Green prosperous and fair vision of the future.
40% by 2020
AN Lecture the public but 1200 limos and 140 private planes UK to Cop15.
L. I didnt go by private plane. Free insulation for homes.

Q1 People don't care about the environment as much as they used to.
C. Energy cost increase, plan ahead.
LD. People do care, they use train not plane.
Justin Rowlatt; 1 in 4 poll deny man made climate change, the public aren't with you.
L. Public do know, responsible thing is follow the scientists. Economic future not just the environment.
G. In previous recessions environment issues nearly caused us to disappear, this time different. People concerned with local parks, Asthma...

JR. 250 top Tory candidates, cutting carbon lowest priority.
C We have put forward good policies.
L. Ken Clark says no onshore wind turbines.
LD. They are far more sceptical (wrong word Simon, best say deniers)
L. Cons sending out the wrong signal.

Q2. Multimillion cost, who should deniers vote for
L Labour, as more costs in the future, Green jobs.
AN 80% cut by 2050, 1830s levels of CO2.
LD Price Waterhouse coopers say we can. Efficiency
AN Its not going to happen. (He wont let the others answer)
L LD plans have a huge hole in them. He rejects Nuclear power.
JR 18 billion a year,
L big cost, some onto consumers, but energy security means we have to.
AN how much on consumers?
L All of it.
C 13 years on, things cost more, we've known it for years. Minimise cost.
JR energy cost rise.
G unapologetic the wealthiest will have to pay more to fund the public program. No nukes, tackle real threat.
LD would cost more.

Q3 why expand Heathrow.
L. massive benefits from flying. Limit emissions. People keep travelling.
C we don't want to expand other airports, but Heathrow has a specific problem.
LD not expand any airports in the SE (nose growing)
G LD Councils supported expansion elsewhere
LD subsidise train.
L Tory didn't rule out expansion
C we have no such proposals.
JR will you sign up to emissions limit.
G need to reduce air traffic, modal shift.

AN what's a modal shift? Change an extra 3.5 billion
LD don't discriminate against family holiday, tax plane not person.
G cheap flights ridiculous, cost of flying needs to rise.
L can expand within limits,
G cost of flying should reflect environment cost. Slash rail fares.
LD all leaders have used planes (nose again, LD only ever seem to count Lab and Cons)

AN Yes/No answers only.
Q4. Should people fly less.
G yes
LD yes
C yes with HSR (not one word)
L yes

Q5. Foreign holiday in the last 2 years?
L no
LD no
C cant remember, so say yes
G no, I use rail or ferry. Moderation for flying, not total ban. cost of flying should reflect environment cost.

Q 6 Renewable power is expensive.
L yes
C yes but....
AN What don't you understand about yes or no?
LD yes
G yes but fossil fuels would rise anyway

Q7 Should councils spy on your rubbish?
G y
LD n
L n
C n

Q8 Support councils reducing rubbish collections?
L up to hem,
C "
LD "
G "

Q9 Should petrol prices be higher lower or the same?
L I don't have a prejudged view.
C I think you need to moderate...
LD Come down ideally
G higher

Q10 Fuel Duty Escalator?
C No a stabiliser.
LD fairer, take away excise, tax per mile,
(didnt ask the others)

Q11 Road pricing
L no plans for road pricing,
C OK for new roads, e.g. M6 extension
(didnt ask the others)

Q12 Where was the vote to support light bulb ban?
L was public discussion, EU decision
LD public should have been involved.

Q13 Nuclear power?
LD cost more, take too long, emissions contribution small, waste.
L LD policy doesn't add up. Need nuclear, and clean coal.
C moratorium a few years ago so left it too late now.
LD Cameron opposed them.

JR Finland new nuclear power stations 3 years late and 3 billion cost overrun.
L we've learnt from that,
G take too long to be a solution.
L G cant do that.
G radical measures, insulation.
C no subsidy for nuclear. Nuclear not new so does't need it.
LD decommissioning expensive.

Q14 Expand wind farms, very expenses 100 billion.
LD subsidy should appear on bills,
L hole in LD plans, 15% by 2020
LD L failed to deliver

4000 off shore planned, how many a week? 2 a day now
L world leader in offshore wind,
C all made in other countries,
L they will come here. C will put this at risk.

JR where are the British companies
L people don't care if they are foreign, jobs more important.
LD Vince is clear that state can control banks.
AN that worked well in Soviet Union.

Closing statement.
L nuclear, renewable, clean coal. Flying. Prosperous fair green.
LD alternative, ready for government, policy to create jobs.
C 13 years of Labour, behind the rest of the world, power cuts ahead. No change with Labour.
G Small numbers of Greens have had a big impact, time we were in Westminster.


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