Saturday, 27 March 2010

Labour Vulture Fund, Shabby Trick On The Poorest People

I was sent an email from the Labour Party today, its bizarre. Blaming the Tories as though they are the ones in power, when they are the opposition, is a shabby trick in there last days of power.

Labour say they are doing something with vulture funds, but its a private members bill. If they support it why not use their power to legislate? And how can they blame the Tories for stopping it, they have a huge majority of MPs. So Tory Christopher Chope stopped the bill, but Labour failed to pass the bill as part of its legislation. Who are worse? Actually they are much the same, Labour are nasty for using poverty as a political football & Chope for Objecting.

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My response.
This is shabby, if you wanted it, you should just legislate, you have the majority of MPs. Blaming the Tories as though they are the ones in power, when they are the opposition, is a trick. Shame on you Stephen Timms, letting the poorest be hurt so you can score a cheap political point.
I expect you wont be in power much longer.
Adrian Windisch

The letter from Labour is below. Its as though they wanted a Tory to object, so they could act as the aggrieved party.


I thought you would like to be the first to know that tomorrow the Labour Party will announce that the election manifesto will include a clear commitment to introduce tough new legislation on vulture funds early in the next Parliament.

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As you know, Vulture funds buy developing country debt at low cost and then sue these poor countries for the money. They undermine development in the poorest countries and use the UK legal system to do so.

We will not let a handful of Conservative MPs stand in the way of progress, we will make it happen.

By getting your friends to sign up today we can show them the strength of public opinion

Its why Labour's Andrew Gwynne MP introduced his Private Members Bill to tackle Vulture Funds once and for all. With the support of Government and Treasury Minister Ian Pearson, the Debt Relief (Developing Countries) Bill made good progress.

Yet outrageously, at its third reading in the House of Commons, it was torpedoed by Conservative MPs who objected to it, despite having promised to support the bill.

These actions not only betrayed the hopes of poor countries but of thousands of campaigners like you.

So please share this with anyone you think would be interested


Stephen Timms


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