Monday, 8 March 2010

International Women's Day 2010

Oscars 2010 heroine Kathryn Bigelow couldn't have timed her historic first-female-director win better, because today the world is celebrating International Women's Day 2010.

The 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, marked with the slogan 'Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for All', will see rallies, seminars and assemblies take place around the globe.

So, what makes 8th March so significant? First proposed in 1910 and launched in 1911, International Women's Day came about because of a woman named Clara Zetkin (leader of the 'Women's Office' for Germany's Social Democratic Party), who thought every country should mark an annual Women's Day to press for her gender's demands.

The Independent has listed 100 women who changed the world; it includes Caroline Lucas; Politician. 'As leader of the Green Party, who could become Britain's first Green MP in this year's general election, Lucas has given the party a mainstream image in the "Others" backwater of British politics. Formerly active in CND and Oxfam, she is also the vice-president of the RSPCA and the Stop the War Coalition.'

Helen Skelton
The list contains some great people, but didn't include Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton, who has completed a 2,000-mile kayak trip along the Amazon for Sport Relief. She has gone 2,010 miles since she set off on her solo journey from Natua in Peru on 20 January. The BBC star, who had never been in a kayak before training, broke two world records as she became the first woman to paddle the length of the river. In April 2009, Skelton became only the second woman ever to finish the 78 miles Namibia Ultra Marathon. The TV presenter paddled about 60 miles a day, six days a week, to reach the target. "It's been tough but I've had enough highs to make it more than worthwhile. Sport Relief will take place from 19 to 21 March and will raise money for charity schemes in the UK as well as developing countries.

Progress report; what remains to be done.
POVERTY 70 per cent of the world's poorest people are women.
HEALTH Three million girls a year are at risk of genital mutilation every year
SLAVERY At least 300 women are discovered in domestic slavery every year in the UK
SEXUAL VIOLENCE The conviction rate for rape in Scotland is 3.7 per cent
CHILDBIRTH 1,500 women die unnecessarily every day giving birth or during pregnancy


Kate DuBois said...

Thanks for profiling Helen Skelton. Her choices are amazing. I could never imagine myself going down the Amazon alone in a kayak, but I sure am inspired by Helen's commitment to do it and that she's still alive.

Another woman who inspires me is Rosemary Trible, author of Fear to Freedom. Her story about recovering from rape through her faith walk and service to other women who had been violated around the world will teach you, make you cry, astound you, and inspire you.

Adrian Windisch said...

Thank you Kate.