Tuesday, 9 March 2010

British High Streets Changed Under Labour: Doomsday 2010

Figures produced by the Government paint a striking picture of the way in which the country has changed since 1997. They reveal a sharp decline in many of the traditional businesses and services which once sustained community life.

Doomsday 2010

The number of Hospitals and Clinics has fallen by 580,
2,380 schools have closed,
196 libraries,
7500 Post Offices,
1,310 Public lavatories,
3,460 pubs have closed
and 150 less swimming pools.
The number of police stations has fallen by 160,

However we have:
276 more lapdancing clubs,
1,270 more bookies,
1,060 more supermarkets.


Ailbhe said...

How does that compare to the previous 10 years? Is this an acceleration of the decline or just a failure to slow it down? Or, worse, does this represent a slower decline?

(I think it's a decline because I liked Battle Hospital and the Co-op, mind you).

Adrian Windisch said...

That would be interesting to find out. I know the Tories closed a similar number of post offices. Its as if it were a contest, who is the baddest.