Friday, 12 February 2010

Keep Cruelty History

I just signed up with Keep Cruelty History. If elected to Parliament I would not vote to repeal the hunting act, I am against hunting for sport.

I talk in more detail about it here; I think Lab use this issue to energise supporters while they ignore species loss and farmed animal cruelty etc.

You can use the website to find if your Parliamentary Candidates have signed up to it yet, just put in your address.

I am the first to sign in Reading West. Oddly they still think Patrick Murray is the Lib Dem PPC, Martin Salter is Lab PPC and don't mention the Tory Alok Sharma, though he has been a candidate for years. In a spirit of fairness I emailed the other candidates and informed the keep cruelty history campaign.

The Keep Cruelty History Campaign is run by the League Against Cruel Sports (UK) Ltd to highlight the fact some politicians want to bring back hunting with dogs.

They publish a survey that says:
76% think hunting with dogs is cruel.
59% saying they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who backed repeal
Almost three quarters of people in rural areas donʼt want to see fox hunting legal again.


mhayworth said...

That is great news! Just as the League is gathering MPs and Candidates signatures, we are gathering those of voters so we can lobby MPs. Drag hunting is legal, there is no need to kill foxes for sport.

Please ask everyone to sign the 'all party' register at:

moriarty said...

There is nothing green about the hunting act; it has simply replaced hunting with poison and snares which are a far worse threat to our wildlife though less obvious. You should also take those polls with a pinch of salt; the LACS is not exactly an impartial organisation in this equation...