Saturday, 20 February 2010

GREN Hustings Tilehurst Reading West 7.30pm on Thursday, March 11

VOTERS will be firing some burning questions to weigh up politicians' green credentials at a climate change-themed hustings meeting.

Reading West general election hopefuls will step into the limelight when Greater Reading Environmental Network's (GREN) hosts a meeting at Tilehurst Methodist Church in School Road at 7.30pm on Thursday, March 11. The two-hour session, chaired by Bishop of Reading, the Right Rev Stephen Cottrell, will let voters challenge the main parties on renewable energy, sustainability, transport, biodiversity and food production and how they will act over the next five years to avert global catastrophe.

Labour, Conservative and Green Party candidates Naz Sarkar, Alok Sharma and Adrian Windisch will take part but Lib Dem Daisy Benson will be absent. The event follows the success of GREN's Calling Copenhagen debate at Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC) in November, when 100 people questioned leading scientists and climate change experts.

Naz Sarkar (Lab) said: "The environment is top on many voters' agendas. We need to make sure we act now to commit firmly to tackle climate change with both national and international solutions. I hope the atmosphere is constructive as this is an area where we need a firm consensus."

Alok Sharma (Cons) said: "I welcome the opportunity to take part in the GREN debate and put forward the Conservative case for dealing with issues such as climate change, energy security and sustainability."

Adrian Windisch (Green Party) said: "The main parties make big speeches about the environment but their actions don't match their words so this debate should be interesting. Science tells us that we have seven to eight years to reduce our emissions drastically to avoid climate change."

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howard thomas said...

You guys (all of you )are so out of touch with what the public think it is quite remarkable!

Adrian Windisch said...

Its remarkable that despite many comments on here you have yet to make a case against climate change.

If you think something so strongly, why not set out the arguments properly on your blog?

You are fortunate to get a blog from our local paper, why not use it?

howard thomas said... the letters pages in the local press for a much more widely read explanation.

While you wait , ask yourself this question........Why do you think it is that technology that reduces emissions from vehicles by a massive amount is not encouraged by the government......this is not even new technology !
Tony Blair told us that global warming was the biggest problem facing the planet.......but then he always was fullabull.