Wednesday, 17 February 2010

AWE Blockade Coverage

The Reading Chronicle interviewed the Bishop of Reading, the Right Rev Stephen Cottrell, who said: "It costs billions of pounds to build these nuclear weapons. Would it not be better spent on hospitals, schools and trying to build a green economy?" I found this clip of him in 2007.

AWE Reading Post say 10 arrested, then they update as the number went up to 24.

Also covered by Reading107fm, Bristol indymedia, Occupational thoughts and here the morningstar.

The BBC says Of the 26, 19 were held on suspicion of obstructing the public highway. Police said the demonstration was "peaceful". The Tehran Times even carries this storey.

Campaigners travelled from across the country and Europe, including Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Spain, to join the annual demonstration outside the AWE. Cyclists, environmentalists, faith groups, women’s groups, choirs, medical professionals and politicians were present.

Brian Larkin of TP said: “This is the biggest blockade of Aldermaston in years and comes at a time when even major political parties are questioning the logic of spending up to £97 billion on useless weapons.”

Angie Zelter, also from TP, added: “In May, world governments will meet to review the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but this programme of modernisation of UK nuclear weapons violates the treaty.

Carlsson Laska from Sweden, who was sat down outside the Main Gate in Reading Road, said: "What they are making here threatens the whole world so it is important for other people, and not just those living in this country, to make a stand."

The NIS has some videoed interviews, including one from the police chief and another of me!

I spent most of the day at the 'Faith Gate' with various religious peace campaigners including Christian, QuakersBuddhists, and many more. Other Gates had Welsh, Scottish, Students, Zombies and an international contingent.

Pics here

And other news, John Redwood MP along with bloggers of the other bog parties doesnt mention this. Instead we hear about how his'website is being considered for a list of the top green blogs – results of the Konector review on Thursday!' John recently swapped his Jaguar for a freelander, thinking it would do well in the snow. He likes the 'knobs and buttons'. 'The Land Rover is classless, well suited to the gritty reality of 2010.' Apparently it does 27.3mpg.

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