Monday, 15 February 2010

Adrian Windisch at AWE Blockade 15 February 2010

Report from Tadley Gate, AWE, 11am.
After pushing the demonstrators, the police suddenly all left, they went to another gate. The rinkydink (cycle powered sound sytem towed by a cycle) came and entertained us. Earlier we had the drummer from sieze the day. I've been talking to blockaders from all over the country, some have even come from other countries.

A few came all the way from Spain.

I did an interview with the local paper, and another with NIS.
Its been a peaceful day, very cold though. Saw lots of old friends, made some new ones.
The Oxford Green Party were here in force.

Reuters Around 400 demonstrators gathered just before 7 a.m. at entrances to the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Aldermaston in a bid to stop work on the site.

Demonstrators sat down and some glued themselves together as part of a protest against the Trident submarine-based nuclear weapons programme, and to call for an end to plans to replace the system.

The government said last year it would delay a decision on replacing Trident until later this year.

Among those attending the demonstration were Catholic and Anglican bishops and Nobel Peace laureates Mairead Maguire and Jody Williams, said the demo's organiser Trident Ploughshares.

"At a time of economic crisis it is scandalous that billions of pounds are being squandered on new facilities at Aldermaston," said Kate Hudson, chairman of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament which backed the protest.

Thames Valley Police said 26 people had been arrested, most for obstructing the highway. They were all released that evening.

"The vast majority of protestors were peaceful and we would like to express our thanks to them for their cooperation and consideration throughout the day," said Chief Inspector Judith Johnson.

AWE, which provides and maintains the Trident warheads, claimed that the site had operated as normal despite the evidence.

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