Friday, 15 January 2010

Political Split; Lab, Ukip, Bnp

The Labour attempted coup from Hoon and Hewitt has generated lots of headlines, and a few jokes.

Not so high up the news agenda has been a split in UKIP. Nikki Sinclair MEP decided not to sit with her fellow MEPs, after homophobic and anti-semitic statements. Nigel Farage denounced her on live TV, and claimed she had not disclosed that she had been made bankrupt in the past.

Miss Sinclaire denied this. She said that despite not facing any disciplinary procedures she had been told by party officials that she could not use its logo or name in future elections. She said UKIP's party secretary and press officers had been "fully aware" of her bankruptcy, which had "long since been discharged". "I have not been through any disciplinary procedures". "I have had no right of reply." She said Lord Pearson, who succeeded Mr Farage as leader in December, told her she would be able to remain as a UKIP representative outside the coalition and appealed to him to honour this.

A quarter of their MEPs elected in 2004 finished their mandates as non-attached members, including Roger Knapman, the former leader of his party, who resigned from the Ind Dem group in accordance with the wishes of his constituents. Ms Sinclaire had been selected to fight the Meriden seat at the next UK general election.

Meanwhile a BNP member was caught with a bomb factory in his bedroom! It seems he nearly caused a split with himself.

Over 10 years Terence Gavan, 39, stockpiled 54 improvised bombs, mostly packed with nails and ball bearings. Gavan was described as “a lone operator with an obsession with guns and explosives.” One of the bombs was a “victim-operated” booby trap concealed in a cigarette packet. In the locked attic bedroom of his mother's terraced home he stored more than 30 weapons, many of them he had constructed himself. They included a samurai sword, shot guns, pen guns and pistols and 120 rounds of ammunition and around 40 knives and a crossbow.

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