Sunday, 6 December 2009

Climate March Saturday 5th December London The Wave

Reading Station on the way to the March

Reading Students, dressed up for the Wave (wear blue)

The much photographed Jim Jepps with me (with a blue nose)
Climate Change Demo 5 Dec 2009 Jim & Adrian

Best Dressed
March In London
climate change demo London 2009 Dec 05

Yesterday's Wave climate change protest attracted between 20,000 (police estimate) or more than 50,000 (according to the organisers). It was probably somewhere in between. Many organisations were involved, from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Unions, many Green groups and the Cooperative Bank. I kept running into people I knew from different organisations, and lots of Greens.

Green Blogs on the march; Kevin, Derek Wall, Climate Camp Pics, Third Estate, JimJay, greenladywell, Green Left, Stuart, Camden Green Party, my video


Anonymous said...

I like that photo with all the Green Party placards.

(btw you've missed the 'm' out of climate in the title of this post).

Adrian Windisch said...

Cheers Sue.

My spelling is a bit rubbish.