Tuesday, 8 December 2009

10 million signatures for UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen

Today Greenpeace delivered 10 million signatures to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen (COP 15). Its been described as 'the most important international negotiations since the second world war'!

People all over the world united in calling for a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty to be signed at the Summit which started today - and this call for action was delivered to key figures at the climate talks including: Danish Prime Minister Lars L√łkke Rasmussen and COP 15 President and Danish Climate Minster Connie Hedegaard.

Greenpeace we will be keeping you updated on COP 15 from here - where you can find updates, images, tweets and videos straight from Copenhagen!

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Today in Copenhagen new Executive Director Kumi Naidoo - who is also Chair of the global TckTckTck campaign - was there to present the petition. He shared the following inspiring quote:

"The world has spoken. Leaders must and can deliver a deal that will save the climate. One that is fair to the poorest people and countries, that did not cause this problem but that will suffer the most from it, ambitious enough to leave a safe planet for us all, and one that is legally binding, that can be monitored and has real targets that can be enforced.”

Many other organisations are campaigning on this.
38 degrees 38 Degrees is the angle at which an avalanche happens. In the UK, 38 Degrees will enable people to act together, to create an avalanche for change.

The Age Of Stupid is campaigning in Copenhagen. And their film is showing on the 14th Dec on BBC4 at 10pm.
Guardian, environmental leader, twitter.

And of course the Green Party which includes a clip of Caroline Lucas at the Rally on Saturday.

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Adrian Windisch said...

I just signed a petition to urge Gordon Brown to bring back a fair deal on tackling dangerous climate change from Copenhagen in December.

If enough of us take action, it will make sure he knows just how strongly people feel on climate change. You can take action here: