Friday, 27 November 2009

Tory Blues, Just Not Green Enough

Recently some senious Tories have got in a real pickle on Green issues. A few weeks ago there was Ian Dale,
last night on Question Time Dadid Davies, and today Blogging MP John Redwood.

Barkshire senior Tory MP John Redwood doesn't agree with science, or follow the leadership of Cameron. The Tories used to say vote blue go green, but that has gone now, its a more Obamaesque/meaningless statement about change.

How sad to read a respected senior MP and his followers who don't understand science. They talk about climate change as if it was a vast conspiracy theory, they want a public enquiry into the UAE email leak as though they have been lied to for decades!

There is no vast scientific scandal at the UAE, and most importantly absolutely no reason to doubt any of the fundamentals of the science of man-made climate change. There were a few unpleasant, silly or unwise emails. Scientists aren't angels; like the rest of us, they sometimes get angry with their detractors. Perhaps an enquiry should be on how someone can hack into personal emails and then publish them.

Some Tories, like John Redwood MP here and David Davis MP on Question Time last night mistrust science, and look elsewhere for answers. Goat entrails anyone? Ah I forget, for them capitalism is the answer for everything.

Wokinghams MP says
The only effective carbon reduction strategy the UK has followed in the last twenty years was electricity privatisation. That led to an end to new coal power stations and their replacement by much more fuel efficient combined cycle gas power stations. I was pleased to be one of the main architects of that policy, as it cut prices as well as cutting carbon, and was designed to give customers and business a better deal.
Changing to Gas reduced emissions, but its still a fossil fuel. Renewables are the answer, but they need investment. We have a great resource here, a very windy country. But we are one of the worst for wind turbines in Europe.

We should for example insulate all houses to a high standard, it will be cheaper to heat, waste less, and provide green jobs. So a win win situation.

The discussion should be about how to reduce the most emissions, not if there is some conspiracy!

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Another post on J Redwoods blog on skeptics.