Sunday, 25 October 2009

Robots In Reading Sunday 26th Rivermead

Robots Live is staged at Rivermead Leisure Centre in Richfield Avenue and features machines from cult BBC show Robot Wars battling it out, Sunday, October 26, at noon and 3pm.

Tickets are £8 for children, £10 for adults or £30 for a family ticket admitting two adults and two children.

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Robots from all over Europe are attending the event including TV favourites such as; Storm II, Behemoth, Bigger Brother, Barbaric Response and many more. In addition to the 100kg heavyweights seen on TV, the audience will be able to view the featherweight category 13kg.

Also making an appearance at the event will be the world famous humanoid robot, Skeletron.

Skelly as she is well known; is a cheeky, full-size humanoid robot with the ability to climb ropes in excess of 20 metres. With plenty of fun and humour throughout her ascent and her party trick at the top, this is certainly a spectacular event not to be missed.

The audience will also be able to view and interact with other humanoid robots from BBC programmes including; the rare opportunity to be exterminated by a Dalek and the chance to meet Sidewider, another humanoid TV star. To top it off, there will be the opportunity to be ringside for our grand ‘robotic boxer’ spa. Standing at 6ft tall, weighing over 100kg and made from solid steel you wouldn’t want to get in the way of their pneumatically powered punch!

The Reading Robot Club will also be attending the event, demonstrating and fighting Ant-weight robots. These little robots weigh in at just 150 grammes and are a great way to get into the sport. My nephew loves them.

antweight pics

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