Friday, 23 October 2009

Question Time Becomes bnpQT

They say more than eight million people watched BNP leader Nick Griffin's appearance on the BBC's Question Time last night!

It was three times the usual audience for the programme, which was recorded despite protests by hundreds of anti-fascist demonstrators outside BBC Television Centre in west London.

Perhaps the BBC are happy, they have given the bnp more publicity than they could possibly dream of, they described it as a Christmas present.

As expected the whole show turned into a discussion of the bnp, so lets forget anything else that has happened this week. The cheeky one who had happily shared a platform with the KKK even complains about Question Time "lynch mob".

The other panelists tried hard to attack him, but aside from Bonnie Greer didn't distinguish themselves. Bonnie showed the bnps understanding of history to be quite wrong. Aside from the odd point, Baroness Warsi and Chris Huhne may as well not have been there. Jack Straw failed to answer questions, he had a miserable time, particularly on immigration & Iraq. The audience did much better, asking some penetrating questions that Griffin couldn't answer, but as they were all hostile it will play up to the bnp line of them being 'victims'.

Griffins Boobs
1 Father Justice: Griffin was challenged about his Nazi sympathies, he said that father was in the RAF and Jack Straw's father was prison for refusing to fight. Are we to be judged only on our fathers now, how very peculiar. What about judging people on their own actions?

2 Homophobic: Griffin said that the sight of two men kissing is ‘creepy’, an audience member said "As a homosexual I can tell you Mr Griffin that the feeling's mutual,".

3 KKK: “I shared a platform with a non violent member of the KKK.” The audience laughed.

4 "Guided tours in the Lake District have been cancelled because only English people, white people, were going on them." A Lake District National Park spokesperson said tours had never been cancelled.

5 "I can't explain why I used to say those things, any more than I can tell you why I've changed my mind, I can't tell you the extent to which I changed my mind, because European law prevents this." No, not in this country.

6 He claimed there were many untrue quotes, but he wouldn't say which ones. He was laughed at.

7 British Aborigines; there is no such thing; as Bonnie Greer points out. In Roman times there were Africans and Asians here.

Unfortunately to those who sympathise with the bnp. QT will only encourage them, they saw their man being attacked and responding. That he said some nonsense won't worry them, if they were logical people they wouldn't be supporters in the first place.

The beeb said that 243 viewers had complained that the programme was biased against Mr Griffin and 114 had complained about the decision to invite him. It had also received 59 messages of congratulations from viewers.

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