Monday, 20 July 2009

Race For Life in Reading

Well its not a race, but it is for life. Thousands of people appeared in the usually sedate Prospect Park on Sunday morning for two back to back events, with a tannoy system to annoy residents but cheer the entrants. Lots of money was raised for Cancer Research UK. The money is to help fund the pioneering work of Cancer Research UK, a leading independent organisation dedicated to cancer research.

Cancer Research UK funds over 4,500 scientists, doctors and nurses based throughout the UK. They are carrying out world-class research into all aspects of cancer, from understanding the causes and biology of the disease through to developing better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat it.

They don't seem to be looking at cancer clusters around AWE or nuclear power stations; perhaps they dont want to rock the boat.

To make residents even 'happier' dozens of cars were parked on the verge, and hundreds of cars were allowed inside the park. I would rather the park was used for biodiversity, and a shuttle bus laid on to bring people to and from the train station. The next day thre was no sign of any damage, so well managed parks department. And to be fair the organisers had announced there was limited parking, perhaps they should have said there was none, and got that bus sorted.

Influencing politicians. Although we are a non-political organisation, we build strong and influential relationships with the UK’s most powerful politicians. Engaging key decision makers and opinion formers is essential to securing policy change and getting our message across. Politicians listen to our views on vital issues such as strengthening tobacco controls, regulating sunbeds, improving the research environment and maximising the value of people’s donations through tax-friendly initiatives such as Gift Aid.

I would like to know if there was any benefit to the local people though, they bought there own cafe and toilets (thankfully) so were self contained. Perhaps the authorities should allow a couple of little shops nearby, to take advantage of/ serve on events like this.

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