Friday, 24 July 2009

Norwich North Pics

Well its been an exiting few days in Norwich North, supporting the Greens in the by election. And now we all eagerly await the result, to be published soon. Fingers crossed for the Greens. Well done Rupert Read and his team, great campaign. Considering the money spent by the oposition we did a great job, whoever wins.

Residents definately noticed this campaign, most will have had 30 to 40 leaflets! They are sick and tiered of getting more leaflets. We knocked on lots of doors and talked to people, they were happy that someone had bothered to do so. The big parities have spent fortunes on leaflets, and have hordes of supporters getting them out rapidly. There was a perception that the greens had given out loads, but some of these were actually Lib Dem leaflets coloured green but attacking us. Most people didn't open them, but just had an imnpression from the colour of the front page.

I thought I would share a few more pictures from the campaign.

Green Phone Box

campaign Shop Lib Dem Norfolk Blogger has published lots of these leaflets. He is silent on the negative tactics of his candidate.
He lists:
Lib Dem 14 (Inc 2 Freepost)
Tory 13 (Inc 2 Freepost)
Labour 5 (Inc 2 Freepost and one posted - Although one of these leaflets never reached parts of Broadland)
UKIP 4 (Inc 2 Freepost - Although one of the other two hand delivered leaflets only went to parts of the constituency)
Murray 2 (Inc 1 Freepost)
Green 2 (Inc 1 Freepost)
NOTA 2 (Inc 1 Freepost - Although the other NOTA leaflet had limited distribution)
Others 1 (Each - All Freepost)

Thsi will vary a bit depending on which area they live in.

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