Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Oxford Road Revamp; this time remember the cyclists

A few years ago the council spent millions revamping the Oxford Road, but they forgot about cyclists. So a couple of years they put in a Cycle Path (see youtube video) that has become a local joke, its only a few yards long. It is featured in the book 'crap cycle lanes'.

But, wait for it, here we go again. 'Facilities for cyclists will be improved on Reading's Oxford Road. Up to £50,000 will be spent upgrading a Berkshire town centre road to ease traffic congestion there.' The revamp of Reading's Oxford Road is also aimed at creating "a more pleasant urban environment", a spokesman for the borough council said. It will link in with further long-term measures once the multi-million pound improvements to Reading Station and Cow Lane are complete, the spokesman added. Destroying an allotment because they wont consider local communities.

The work includes building kerbs and "upgrading cyclists facilities". As they are virtually non-existent currently it will need some upgrading. And they forgot to mention the Tesco they recently permitted to be built, despite a big petition against it, to replace our local hospital. So now we have lots of empty shops, a telling achievement of the Labour Council. Incidentally the other parties didn't object either, the Greens are in effect the only opposition on many issues.

This will be discussed at a council meeting on Tuesday.

BBC repeat RBC press release

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