Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Demonstration at Fylingdales Saturday 13th June with CND

With significant opposition to US Missile Defence across Europe, the proposed bases in Poland and the Czech Republic may never be built. Around 70% of Czech citizens oppose the base and in Poland this stands at 53%.

Here in the UK we have Menwith Hill and Fylingdales involved in US Missile Defence.
Why was the U.S. so interested in developing the system at Fylingdales? RAF Fylingdales is one of the 3 stations in an American BMEWS chain linked across the North Atlantic. The other stations are in Greenland and Alaska, both components of the US Air Force based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. In the last few years a gigantic pyramid has replaced the once familiar golf balls. The radar system has been significantly changed - a sign that the base still performs an important role in the ever-developing technology of the US Star Wars system.

Now is the time to show our opposition to US Missile Defence and the UK governments participation. Get active this month and join us at the national demonstration at Fylingdales radar base, near Pickering in North Yorkshire on Saturday 13th June, assembling at 12 noon.

Speakers include: Jana Glivicka (Ne Zakladnam), Fabian Hamilton (North East Leeds Labour MP), Martin Hemingway (Yorkshire Green MEP candidate), direct action activists Sylvia Boyes and Lindis Percy, Kate Hudson (CND Chair) and Yorkshire CND convenor Dave Webb.

Transport details to the demo:
Bradford, Leeds and York - Hannah on 01274 730795 or
Sheffield - Kath on 0114 2967596 or
Liverpool and Merseyside - Merseyside CND on 0151 7026974 or
Manchester - Greater Manchester & District CND on 0161 2738283 or
For directions please see

Prebooked transport will be available from York Railway Station.

Any other enquiries please contact or
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