Sunday, 14 June 2009

Fib Dems

This is from a 2007 Lib Dem newsletter, and shows just inaccurate they are, compare it to the results in the post below.

I just googled 'Fib Dem' and it said "Did you mean: lib dem"; says it all really.

Some other little Fibs that they have told recently;
LD Confused in Scotland
LD Hypocrisy
LD Leaflet Suttton
London LD Lies
Fib Dems
Norwich Fib Dems
Bromley Fibs has some great before and after footage of their pretending to clean a wall.
Welsh Fibs


Anonymous said...

Spot on.

Anonymous said...

What a bitter, bitter man!

howard thomas said...

Fibbed on the promise of an EU referendum as well------might explain the 4th place!!!

Adrian Windisch said...

Quite right Howard.

Anonymous said...

Silly Greenies attacking Lib Dems who are the only party with a record of actually *doing* things to protect the environment. Shows that it's not really the planet that's your concern. Where are the attacks on Labour and the Tories?

Anonymous said...

Err. He has attacked them. Lib Dems lost up and down the country, in spite of the dodgy bar charts.

Adrian Windisch said...

Correct anon 10.40, anon 9.22 is ignoring the many posts on that subject.

Its sad that the 3 big parties all talk about the environment, but continue to push up emissions. Its time for a change.

Adrian Windisch said...

Theres a funny discussion on LD graphics at

'Its pretty rich for us to moan about slightly misleading heights on others bar charts'


I didn't even mention the “two horse race” tactic.

Glenn said...

"I didn't even mention the “two horse race” tactic."

LOL - Neither did I.

I've replied to you on my blog matey (

That graph isn’t a lie, are you being silly? - it clearly states it is based on real election data! To be fair I’ve only ever had complaints from members of your party :S

Sorry, I don’t want to start an argument here, but this article was a bit whiny - when generally a lot of your environmental pieces are bang on.

As for: "the 3 big parties all talk about the environment, but continue to push up emissions"

Not sure how exactly the Lib Dems have actively pushed up emissions. The majority of us actively want to tackle climate change - and believe it is a man made problem, unlike the Tories. Also the biggest 'sub-group' in the Lib Dems is the Green Lib Dems... So yeah, we're evil polluters! LOL

Adrian Windisch said...

Thanks for your comments Glenn. But on charts you just don't get it, voters resent being lied to. The LD bar charts that uses dodgy data to draw a conclusion that one party 'cant win here' is a lie. Any party could win, though some are more likely than others. I will admit the LD could win in Reading East, but like us, its a very small chance.

In the case of the chart on my blog, it includes data from the surrounding areas to give a false impression of the vote in Park Ward, hence its dodgy. The rise of the Green vote in Park has proved the chart wrong. has data on LD expenses.

Its strange but the time I get attacked by the LD is when we are in agreement. Such as on cycle lanes. Where the LD push up emissions are on there expanding airports and roads, such as; the Newbury bypass,

Adrian Windisch said...

Glen responds on his own blog here

Another blog in more detail on the same subject is here

Adrian Windisch said...

That should have been Glenn.

Not Glen (a small, secluded valley).