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CND at RAF Fylingdales 13 June 09

CND March on RAF Fylingdales

Visitors to the picturesque and remote Fylingdales Moor in North Yorkshire are often surprised at the giant truncated pyramid that marks the whereabouts of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) radar at RAF Fylingdales. Peace campaigners came to Yorkshire to protest as the use of weapons in space, and the role of RAF Fylingdales as a major component in US war fighting strategy.

The new interim Czech government has announced it will not attempt to ratify the treaties on a US radar base before October's general election. The previous conservative coalition government which had signed the treaties with the US had to resign after it lost a no-confidence vote in late March. Over two-thirds of Czechs oppose the radar and opinion polls show the Social Democrats, who also oppose the plans are in the lead.

And Czech campaigners were celebrating when the government announced it will remove the three-kilometre razor-wire fence at Brdy - the proposed site for the base. The fence was built in June 2008 after activists occupied the area in protest against the plans. The dismantling of the fence at Brdy sends a strong message to campaigners in Britain.

Protesters cross the North Yorkshire Moors National Park

CND protesters with the base in the background

Did someone break into the base and paint the CND logo onto it? Or just photoshop.

An Information and Safety Booklet given to contractors, new personnel and visitors to the Phased Array Radar (PAR) at RAF Fylingdales in North Yorkshire tells them to keep their mobile phones switched off to protect them from damage from RF power. The booklet also warns that there is a risk of induced RF power causing a spark between car and metal petrol cans and that remote car locking devices may not function. However, it doesn’t mention much about the risk to health of visitors or local residents. So I was glad not to get any closer than this.

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